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 An interactive website is the most popular with our clients.  It usually provides all of the information contained in the static , basic website, but includes interactivity.  (See our FAQs to learn more about this.)

Instead of a contact page listing an address and telephone number, the Popular site includes an on-line Contact Form for your potential customers to complete; making it easier to get in touch with you.

Interactive sites take advantage of server-side technologies, (see our FAQs to learn more about this), which enable site visitors to enjoy a more personal feel to their browsing experience.  It's nice to enter a shop or office and be recognised and greeted by name; it's the same on-line!

Perhaps you want to make some information available to existing customers only?  Allow them to Login and access restricted areas of your site where they can enjoy their own customer space; being able to manage their password and access privileged information.


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