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E-commerce is the business of selling on-line.  It is the Internet equivalent of the high street store.

In a store or shop, the premises are split into two areas, public and non-public.  The public enter the public area where the goods are displayed where they can browse amongst the various products.  Once they have made their selection, they take them to the sales point or till which is situated in the non-public area, but allows brief access to pay for the goods.  It is exactly the same with an on-line store, the public cannot access all areas, ensuring security of the site.

 E-commerce websites are powered by a database which stores all of the products sold, including all of their variations; colour, size, manufacturer, image and stock held.  This database is constantly updated as transactions are made, new stock added or old stock deleted.

An E-commerce website provides the ultimate shopping experience and can handle visitors who simply browse, to returning customers making multiple purchases.


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